I am a German military historian offering historical consultancy services and German military research for private individuals, film, TV, authors, battlefield tour operators & museums.

To be able to fully understand German military history you need two things: you should be able to read and understand German and you need access to German source material (files stored in archives, war diaries, muster roles, regimental histories etc.). Locating the right sources is difficult. Reading them is another thing, as often they are written in the feared Kurrent (Stütterlin) hand or printed in Fraktur types.

This is where I come in.  If you own a letter written by a German ancestor which you can not decipher, if you want a full military background of a relative, if you are an author or a TV producer who seeks information relating to the history of the German army and its soldiers,  I will be able to help you. If you are a battlefield tour operator I will be able to supply you with a uniquely tailored view across no man’s land. Stories, letters, history and experiences of the German army and its soldiers. I am also willing to accompany your battlefield tour as operator specialising in the history of the German army from 1848-1945.

For research projects I will access the sources available, will contact and visit archives and libraries and be in touch with official organisations like the WaSt in Berlin, the Volksbund or various German veteran organisations. I am able to supply all the necessary translations and transcriptions, to supply you with all the information you need to make your research or media project a success.



My charges vary and depend on size and complexity of your demands.

Usually, it is advisable first to discuss any new projects with me, to find out whether I can handle it at all. But the general procedure, if you want me to work on a project, is this:

  • include any information you have about the individuals and/or the history you are looking for. And that means ALL information
  • send the material to me by email (germanarmyresearch AT

I will then send you an answer and a quote.

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